The Dizziness and Balance Center


We Promise To… provide the highest quality of care to individuals suffering with

                        vertigo, dizziness and balance issues.

We Promise To…always provide individualized, one-on-one treatment to our

                        patients. NO “GROUP” treatments.

We Promise To…schedule appointments as quickly as possible, and make every effort

                        to see patients the same day or within 24-48 hours of their call to the

                        office. The goal is to get the patients feeling better quickly!

We Promise To…educate the patient and their families through the entire

                        rehabilitation process. They are encouraged to be actively involved from

                        initial visit to discharge, and beyond.

 We Promise To…provide timely communication to patients Physician(s) regarding

                         the evaluation findings, progress during therapy and the outcome of

                         treatment upon discharge from care.